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 Sustainable Design

All dressed up and nowhere to go

When something or someone looks good but has no purpose

Avoid fads and flashy design if you want your space to last longer than a year. Remember interiors are not as disposable as a piece of clothing. Think sustainable.

Back to the drawing board

To start over again when an idea fails and has to be redesigned or discarded

Time spent in the design portion of the construction phase will save money in construction and ultimately in operation of your interiors or facility.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

If you behave in a healthy way everyday, you will not get sick

Healthy environments for the working and living should be considered when choosing finish materials such as flooring and paint to manufactured systems furniture. These products have potential for off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

Bait and switch

To offer something that is not available and then supply a different item usually of lesser value

Specify what you want rather than leaving it up to the contractor to avoid disappointment with your finished product.

Best laid plans of mice and men

Even though you take great care to plan out every detail, something can still go wrong

Designing, planning, detailing and specifying as much in advance will avoid costly surprises or change orders during construction.

Champagne tastes and a beer budget

He who likes expensive things but does not have the money to afford them

Avoid disappointment and misguided thinking by setting up a budget along with an understanding of project costs and requirements

Get your ducks in a row

To get organized, usually in preparation for more work or new tasks

Preparation is the key to the smooth progression of a project

One man's garbage is another man's treasure

Something that is worthless to one person,
may be valuable to another

Recycling, such as buying second hand, refurbished furniture, can be a cost effective way to the design solution you require, also gaining you LEED points in attaining certification.

Think outside the box

To be creative. To be unconventional

Designers benefit from vision from the client to focus their creativity. Knowing the client's beliefs, needs, mission statement, etc. are essential to a successful project and happy client.

Too many chefs spoil the broth

When too many people try to manage a
project or job, they will cause it to turn out

Key personnel appointed to gather information for a large project is essential. These key personnel should be empowered to make decisions or be able to source the answer quickly.

Stitch in time saves nine

If you address problems when they first happen, you will save time and prevent trouble in the future

"Design-build" although popular in its conception to deliver a faster product is difficult to manage. Often details of a project will need time initially to achieve a successful product.

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